Rainbow Bridge


In Memorium

my Katspell Foundation Queen - Sheba

- who started it all !

Adivebu Foxlynch Ladye (Sheba) 27c - 16.5.87 - 13.12.02 (Chezchats Pleasedas Punch x Adquebu Erica Lusitanica)

and my darling Velvet

Champion Katspell Blue Velvet (Velvet) 27a - 25.11.90 - 02.07.04 (Ch. Typha Plush Velvat x Pr. Katspell Pandora) - 3 CC's, 1 PC, 3 BoBs.

heartbreakingly, far too young, my gentle girl, Ani

Champion & Premier Katspell Coriander (Ani) 27e - 27.03.00 - 24.05.07

(Gr. Ch. Katspell Goodluck Charm x Ch. & Gr. Pr. Katspell Disorganiser) - 3 CC's, 11 PC's, 12 BoB's


my beautiful Lacey, who for almost 17 years slept in my arms

Champion Katspell Chantilly Lace (Lacey) 27b - d.o.b. 25.11.90 - 16.09.07

(Ch. Typha Plush Velvat x Pr. Katspell Pandora)- 8 CC's, 1 Res. Grand CC, 5 BoBs


and to complete my dreadful year, Dippy - my star

Grand Champion & Grand Premier Katspell Serendipity (Dippy) 27a - 9.7.92 - 12.11.07

(Gr.Ch. Graylag General Jack x Ch. Katspell Chantilly Lace) - 3 CC's, 3 Grand CC's, 2 Res. Grand CC's, 14 PC's, 3 Grand PC's, 5 Res. Grand PC's, 16 BoBs, 1 UK Grand Premier Certificate 2 UK Res Grands. 5 Nominations for Best in Show


and my wonderful, gentle, loving boy

 Grand Champion Katspell Goodluck Charm – Harry (27b) - 15.7.98 - 28.3.08

(Gr. Ch. Starshadow Wild Westcowboy x Ch. Katspell Hoosapest)

7 CC's, 3 Grand CC's, 2 Reserve Grand CC's, 6 BoBs, BEST IN SHOW BURMESE ADULT, CAMBRIDGE SHOW 2000)

Harry sired over 500 beautiful kittens with his superb temperament


and my wonderful Dizzy

Champion and Grand Premier Katspell Disorganiser (Dizzy) 27e - 4.11.1998 - 11.7.2014

( UK Gr. Ch. Tribune Solar Flair x Ch. Katspell Chantilly Lace)

5 CC's, 24 PC's, 3 Grand Premier Certificates; 7 Res.Gr. PC's, 2 Reserve Imperial GPC, 46 BoBs. 5 Nom. Best in Show, and

Best in Show Burmese - Kensington Kitten & Neuter Show 2003

Best in Show Burmese Neuter, Southern Counties January 2006

Best in Show Burmese Neuter Surrey & Sussex March 2006

My beautiful girl died from lymphoma.  She fought so hard for 18 months after being given only two weeks to live but finally gave up the fight. She was so very special and I loved her so much she leaves an enormous hole in my heart. There will never be another Dizzy.


not forgetting my very special Elle

Adivebu Grecian Charmer (Elle) 24c 28.04.87 - 23.04.99

My "pseudo" Burmese. No-one ever explained to him that he was Siamese so being surrounded by them, he took on the persona of my Burmese. He was Sheba's best friend. He adored kittens and would play with them for hours. He was the only Siamese I have ever heard of who had severe vertigo.

  They are all missed so very much and are remembered with deepest love.